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Wounded Ranger, Ultrafine Merino/Cashmere, 2 ounces

Wounded Ranger, Ultrafine Merino/Cashmere, 2 ounces

  • $ 32.00

This custom blend is just insanity. It feels lighter than air and softer than a baby angel's hair. This is the stuff you want to spin for someone you love the most--yourself, or a very very worthy friend or relative.

2 ounces

This braid was hand-dyed using wash- and light-fast acid dyes. Because of the way I dye this, the color application is not the same on every braid--there may be more or less of one color or another. Photographed above is a representative braid, but if you're keen on having more a particular color or less of a particular color, leave notes in your order and I will find a braid that has more/less of a color.

This fiber can be spun any way you like for a wonderful yarn. Use of a wrist distaff might be helpful to prevent the fiber from felting from the heat and oils in your hand. Please take care while hand-washing the yarn or crafted item, as this blend will felt like crazy if you look at it too hard.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!

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