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' Visceral cowl pattern'

Visceral cowl pattern

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Note: Pattern has graphic photos.

She crouches down, legs coiled as tight as springs, eyes sharp and tracking her prey, waiting for her chance to pounce. In one swift motion, she explodes from behind the brush and grabs the terrified, squealing creature, rending its belly open with her claws and teeth, gnashing and slurping, the deep red, warm blood dripping down her muzzle and off her claws. Full and satisfied with the delicious meal, she curls up around her leftovers and slumbers, legs twitching as she dreams of her next hunt.

Visceral is a syncopated two-color brioche cowl that is smooshy, warm, and versatile.

Visceral is a great pattern to pair two wildly different skeins of yarn, including handspun. Visceral was designed using two one-of-a-kind hand-dyed skeins of Datura that worked together well but also provide striking visual constrast. The pattern alternates which colors appear on the front (syncopated brioche) and uses simple increases and decreases to effect the lattice appearance.

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