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Versatile Pre-Order October 2018

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This round's Versatile offering is Rambouillet/Black Welsh/Llama 50/25/25. Jillian Moreno featured this blend in the recent issue of Ply: Power. She described the combination of the blend, which has streaks of black Black Welsh and sheen-y Llama, and the Sinningia colorway as "a faceted, saturated colorway that looks like flowers belonging in the garden of a wicked queen." I'm not sure whether she was aware of how true that statement is; most of the flowers that inspired that colorway were grown and photographed by me, and I am quite wicked. ::leans over to his assistant to hear what he's whispering:: You think she meant a female monarch? Oh, that makes a bit more sense...

It's a wonderful, sturdy blend—great, as Jillian shows in the Weave/Knit It! pattern, for mitts, as well as sweaters and other garments. Spin woolen to help preserve the softness and bounce of the Rambouillet and Black Welsh! Or spin worsted if you want to make an almost weather-proof, heavy sweater.

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Select your colorway and quantity above. You can order multiple colorways by adding one colorway to your cart, and then coming back and adding another. Each unit (1) represents a 4-ounce bump; ordering four is 1 pound of fiber, and ordering 10 would be 2.5 pounds of fiber.

If you select "Other," please include your colorway request in the comments box during checkout. I may need to follow up with you to ensure I can dye what you are requesting. If you can, please contact me before you order to discuss dyeing any colorways not listed above.

Examples of colorways shown on this page have not been dyed on the Exploration base, because it has never been offered before. Colorways will look different batch to batch and on different bases.

Please keep any pre-orders separate from ready-to-ship orders in your cart; make your pre-order and your ready-to-ship order two separate orders. If you submit an order that contains both pre-order fiber and ready-to-ship fiber, your ready-to-ship fiber will not be shipped until the pre-order fiber has been received and dyed.


Ordering Timeline

Pre-ordering is available now for this round, and orders will need to be complete by end of day Friday 12 October. I will order fiber on Saturday 13 October; I’ll get the fiber in late November and start dyeing. Shipping timeline depends on number of orders received and my dyeing schedule. All orders will be dyed prior to opening up the next round of pre-orders.

The mill can take 4-6 weeks to process an order (although it is often less time), and dyeing may take several weeks to months depending on where your order is on the list. Orders will be dyed in the order they were received (if you order first, I will dye yours first). I will keep people up to date about the dyeing status through the newsletter (so be sure to sign up).

What If I Want Different Fiber?

If you would like a base other than the 4 that are being offered, or a Savage Blend that I don't currently have available, just contact me. In most cases, the minimum order for a base that is not on that quarter’s offering will be 1 pound (either dyed or undyed). I can even order fiber for you that I don’t have on my list of bases; just let me know what you’re thinking and we can discuss the options!

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