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Sweets Off The Wheel Spinalong Pre-Orders: February 2019

Sweets Off The Wheel Spinalong Pre-Orders: February 2019

  • $ 22.50

Hello Sweetie!


I am ecstatic that our lovely moderators chose to work with The Homestead Hobbyist to offer a collection of colorways and options for bases for the Sweets Off The Wheel's February 2019 spinalong! (Sweets Off The Wheel is a group on Ravelry for wheel spinners; head over there and join the fray if you aren't a member already!)

Based on the theme of Ancient Greek Mythology and the inspiration photos my Sweeties provided, I have selected Arachne and the Moirai. I then concocted companion colorways for each to flesh out the story: Arachne and Athena, and the Moirai and their sisters the Keres.

You can order any combination of colorways and fiber in whatever quantities you prefer (offered in 3-ounce portions).



Arachne and Athena fought a weaving battle to the death! Arachne lost and hung herself; Athena pitied her, and impressed by her fibery skills, turned her into a spider.

The Moirai (the Fates) measure our life's thread and decide our fate; their sisters the Keres, however, devour our souls after we die in bloody combat. The Keres are demonic death spirits, kind of a less friendly version of the Valkyries.



Do not post or share spoiler photos until February 1, 2019.



Rambouillet/Yak/Mulberry Silk 50/25/25, 3 ounces, $22.50

Polwarth, 3 ounces, $15


Ordering and Schedule

Ordering will be open through Wednesday 7 November. I will order the fiber, which can take up to 6 weeks to receive from the mill, and start dyeing in December. Packages will ship in January, with international orders shipping first.