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' Small-Batch Hand-Dyed Megaskeins'

Small-Batch Hand-Dyed Megaskeins

  • $ 60.00

These megaskeins are ridiculous and amazeballs. 400 yards (about 190 grams) of worsted-weight yarn in one giant skein? That's enough for a toddler's sweater right there. Get two or three for a sweater for you. Get a knitter's dozen (it's the same as a baker's dozen, but please don't bake this yarn) for sweaters for the whole family!

This yarn is small-batch spun at a mill near Seattle from hand-dyed, small-batch, custom-designed blends of fiber. The color is purple-grey, or red-brown, or green-brown, or... It really depends on the light you're in, what you're wearing, and how the cones in your eyes register color. It was absolutely impossible to photograph properly; I see it as purple-grey myself, unless it's in the yellow light of my living room, where it is more red-brown. No matter what your eyes tell you it is, it has All The Colors in it wrapped up in a beautiful tweedy yarn; a light wash of color with Abundant Earth Fiber's Wool Tinctures will turn this yarn into a gorgeous, unique skein to create something you'll treasure! Or, use it as is for one of those garments that goes with just about everything!

This was a "kitchen sink" batch of custom-spun yarn, so the actual fiber content is... Everything. Here are the highlights, but this is by no means an exhaustive list of what this yarn contains:

  • It is predominantly wool: Falkland, Finnsheep, Rambouillet, Manx Loaghtan, Black Welsh, Polwarth, Merino, Shetland, Southdown, and more.
  • It contains a crazy generous helping of Mulberry, Bombyx, and Tussah Silk (at least 10% of the batch was 100% hand-dyed silk), as well as blends that contain silk. Y'all know how much I love tossing silk in my blends!
  • There is also Bamboo and Seacell in here, and these along with the silk give this blend a wonderful metallic sheen. 
  • Guess what, there's even more! This batch also contains hand-dyed Cashmere/Silk 50/50 and other hand-dyed fiber with Cashmere and Yak. So you know this is luxurious and warm.
  • This blend also has some Kid Mohair and Baby Alpaca in it. 


400 yards

190 grams

3 ply


I will be dyeing some of these skeins in matching sets for larger projects. That yarn will be available this fall.


Please take care while hand-washing the crafted item, as this blend can felt.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!

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