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Silurian, Finnsheep/Yak/Bamboo, 4 ounces

Silurian, Finnsheep/Yak/Bamboo, 4 ounces

  • $ 25.00

50% Finnsheep
25% Yak
25% Bamboo

4 ounces

Finnsheep is a lustrous fiber, sleek and resilient, great for hard-wearing garments but nice enough to wear next to your skin. And because this is blended with yak and bamboo, that next-to-skin quality is magnified--the yak makes the blend softer and much warmer, and the bamboo brings more sleek luster and strength to the blend. Because bamboo is a plant fiber, it won't take dye if you use acid dyes meant for protein fiber (wool, yak, silk, etc.). The undyed bamboo gives the fiber a frosted look and more muted, softer colors.

This braid is hand-dyed using acid dyes that are wash- and light-fast.

This fiber can be spun any way you like for a wonderful yarn. Please take care while hand-washing the yarn or crafted item.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!

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