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Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

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A perfect holiday treat! Choose your own sinful adventure from the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.


You have chosen Sloth, the chillest of Seven Deadly Sins and the best holiday treat. You have a week off work and nowhere to be, because honestly, dashing about to visit friends and family just sounds like too much effort. Roll out of bed at 2 PM, pee without washing your hands, eat a bagel without toasting it or even spreading cream cheese on. Stay in your PJs and plop yourself on the couch to binge Netflix--because it autostreams the next episode, unlike On Demand, with which you have to use the remote after every episode to play the next one. A few hours in, order delivery for dinner without ever getting up from your body-shaped depression in the couch. You will have to drag your ass to the door when the food arrives, but you will have earned your reward with that effort: some delicious crab rangoon.



Finnsheep 33%
Merino 33%
Shetland 33%

4 ounces

This fiber can be spun any way you like for a wonderful yarn. Please take care while hand-washing the yarn or crafted item.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!