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Fiber Club: Down(-like) Blends

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Join the new Homestead Hobbyist Fiber Club: Down(-like) Blends!


For three months, you'll get exclusive colorways hand-dyed on club-specific custom blends that feature Down(-like) breeds. Each month, you will receive a four-ounce braid. The three different blends in this club all feature generous helpings of Down(-like) fiber, which is perfect for sturdy, hard-wearing garments such as socks, sweaters, mitts, and more.

Photo: Examples of colorways dyed for the Heather Blends Fiber Club. They were moody and complex, complementing the multicolored natural fiber blends. I'm planning colorways both similar to these and wildly different for the Down(-like) Fiber Club!



What is Down and Down(-like) fiber?
Down breeds don't necessarily have a genetic connection (though there are a few that do), and they don't have those crazy-soft soft undercoats, like yak or dual-coated sheep do. Down wool, historically a description of the region the sheep were raised in, is now a description of wool characteristics: springy and elastic with good strength, making the fiber wonderful for hard-wearing items such as socks, sweaters, mitts, blankets, and more. Down wools tends to be medium-soft; not crazy-soft like Merino, but not generally scratchy. The fiber also generally resists felting, which makes care of your finished garment a snap (although, I created blends that do include some fibers that would felt, so let's be cautious washing these blends). Down-like wools have many of the same characteristics.

What are you getting with this fiber club? You are getting three blends I have designed with Down and Down-like breeds. Each blend prominently features a single Down or Down-like breed (50% or greater of the blend); the remainder of the blends are "accents," to adjust hand (softness) or visual texture (silk, streaks of non-white fiber, etc.). But beyond that, the actual content of the blends will only be made public once club members receive their fiber shipmentsit's part of the fun of the fiber club!

These blends and colorways will both be a mystery until they arrive on your doorstep. You will receive an info sheet that includes some details about what inspired the colorway and details about history and characteristics of the wool and other fiber in the blends, as well as some suggestions for types of projects the blends may be good for. I may even write stories, if I'm so inspired. (I can't promise that the protagonist will survive in any story, however; they so rarely do.)

This is a pre-order; fiber club subscriptions must be purchased by Monday 12 February 2018, and then I will order the fiber. The mill that blends the custom fiber for me takes up to 6 weeks (although typically they ship sooner). I aim to ship the first club shipment in early April, with the remaining two braids shipped in May and Juneperfect timing to spin and knit a pair of socks for the winter!

You are purchasing a full subscription—that is, your purchase is for all three braids, which will be shipped on a monthly basis starting in April. There are no recurring costs; when your purchase is complete, you're good for the entire club duration. Cost for the three-month subscription is $75 (which includes shipping for all three braids within the United States). 

For international subscriptions, please email me at so I can create a reserved listing for you to purchase that reflects the additional cost of international shipping. (If you would like, I can hold on to all of your club fiber until the end and ship together to save on cost.)

I might or might not offer one-month subscriptions in the spring, so if you want to make sure you're in the club, purchase your membership now!

Fiber will be shipped starting in April.

Club members will receive emails when shipments are ready and may receive special discounts or other club-only exclusive news and deals. Club members will have the opportunity to purchase additional fiber at the end of the club at a discount. After the club, I will send out a survey to participants gathering feedback about the club. After any requests are fulfilled, the fiber blends and colorways may become available to non-club members. 


Note: The club is not eligible for discounts. Because some active coupon codes include ALL items listed on my site, the cart doesn't know that this item shouldn't be discounted. If you accidentally purchase this with a coupon code, I will refund that purchase and ask you to purchase this item separately from other items.

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