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Domestic (United States) shipping is through the US Postal Service. Orders under 1 pound ship First Class Package Service. Orders over 1 pound ship Priority Mail. (Note: Four 4-ounce braids end up weighing more than 1 pound with packaging etc. and are thus charged the higher shipping rate; three 4-ounce braids is about the maximum to ensure the lower shipping rate.)

International orders ship USPS First Class International Package Service. 

I try my best to pack and ship within a day of your order, but my standard timing is 1-3 business days after date of purchase, not including weekends; holidays; and announced delays for vacation, festivals, or travel.

I use USPS's package pickup service for most orders; you will likely receive your shipping notice the day before the package is actually picked up, which usually happens in the late afternoon/evening at my home. Sometimes, the mail carrier disregards the request and doesn't pick the package(s) up (it's about 20% of the time, it seems!). I will email you if that happens, and I apologize for delays caused by this!