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About The Homestead Hobbyist

The Homestead Hobbyist offers unique products of the utmost quality to excite and push the boundaries of fiber artists, both new and experienced.

The Homestead Hobbyist is your source for unique fiber that you won't find anywhere else. Much of my spinning fiber is custom-designed by me and blended to my specifications; no other fiber artist carries these unique blends. The fleeces I purchase for my natural-color roving and yarns are hand-selected by me at local festivals and independent local farms from quality shepherds whom I know and love. My millspun yarns are created from unusual sheep breeds and from my own custom blends of fiber. I sell only products that I love, and I hope you love them too!

I sell mostly hand-dyed fiber for spinning, both breed-specific fiber, such as Rambouillet, Shetland, and Finnsheep, and unique blends that I design myself and have blended at a mill, such as Finnsheep/Yak/Bamboo 50/25/25, Polwarth/Black Baby Alpaca/Mulberry Silk 37.5/37.5/25, and Rambouillet/Yak 50/50. My color sense tends toward highly saturated natural colors--browns, dark yellows, greens, blues, dark oranges. I have a fondness for deep reds, as well, but you won't find much pink or pastel shades in my palette (I do try to push my boundaries, so there are a few such colorways, but these are infrequent and not indicative of my color sense).

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All fiber from my shop is dyed and stored in a pet- and smoke-free apartment.

About Ken

The Homestead Hobbyist started through my quest to learn how to make everything. I have been gardening and crocheting since I was 5, but it wasn't until I settled into life after university that I really started gardening like I meant it. I grew grapes and made jam and a small batch of wine; I grew woad and extracted indigo; and one year, I grew brown cotton. A gardening friend asked me, "Why are you growing cotton?" I told her, "It's a cool plant. Maybe I'll learn how to make yarn." I discovered that she was a very talented fiber artist; she gave me a tahkli, helped me card the cotton I grew, and showed me how to spin. I was hooked, and I had to learn as much as I could about spinning and fiber arts, from selecting and washing fleece to dyeing and spinning art yarn. The Homestead Hobbyist started in 2014 as a way to explore different breeds and unique fiber blends I create with them and to share that exploration and excitement with other fiber artists.