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Fiber of Mass Destruction: Spin with Caution

  • $ 23.00

The Fiber of Mass Destruction Collection includes seven colors of deadly fiber for your spinning pleasure! First photo portrays 1-ounce samples of some colors offered. Subsequent photos are of 4-ounce bumps, which are what is listed in this product listed. Purchase does not include weapons, lockpicks, binoculars, or bomb schematics.

Red: Hemorrhagic Fever
Orange: Agent Orange
Red + Yellow: Toxic Waste
Yellow: Virulent
Green: Bioweapon
Blue: Nuclear Winter
Black: Black Plague

The Fiber of Mass Destruction Collection contains:

Corriedale 50%
Bamboo 25%
Tussah Silk 25%

4 ounces


This fiber can be spun any way you like for a wonderful yarn. Please take care while hand-washing the yarn or crafted item.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!

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