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' Shetland/Baby Alpaca/Mulberry Silk Lace Yarn'

Shetland/Baby Alpaca/Mulberry Silk Lace Yarn

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Can you say "Fooooiiine!!"? Because that's what this yarn is. It is decadently scrumptious lace yarn, perfect for weaving or knitting lace shawls with amazing structure and drape.

This yarn is small-batch spun at a mill near Seattle from small-batch, custom-designed blend of fiber: Shetland/Baby Alpaca/Mulberry Silk 33/33/33. This blend is the same as my Gemstones collection, but it's even finer because the white Shetland is softer than black Shetland.


Each miniskein is about 25 grams and 200 yards of incredibly fine but strong lace-weight 2-ply yarn. The full-size skeins are about 95 grams and 800 yards.

One of the large skeins and a couple of these bite-size skeins would be absolutely perfect for a gradient-with-contrast-color shawl or woven wrap! An individual mini-skein will get you lacy hand-warmers, or buy a few and dye your own colors to create a unique and beautiful masterpiece. Check out Abundant Earth Fiber's Wool Tinctures for super easy home dyeing kits.


Some already-dyed tonal skeins are available in both full skeins and miniskeins, but they are not photographed. If you want a large skein or set of miniskeins (or both), email me separately to ask about setting up color packs for you. Or purchase and leave a color family and I will send you a surprise collection to knit with!


Please take care while hand-washing the crafted item, as this blend can felt.

I try to photograph colors as accurately as possible. Please keep in mind that color varies from monitor to monitor--what looks right on my screen may not be the same on yours!

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