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Trespassers William Shawl Pattern Kit

  • $ 105.00

Note: This listing is for the yarn only. Please purchase the pattern here from indie.knits on Ravelry. 


This shawl pattern kit includes a color pairing that I have made that I think would be beautiful in the Trespassers William shawl by indie.knits.

Originally designed with a DK version of my Criolla Herd Yarn, Trespassers William is perfect for my Crime Scene DK as well. The pattern was inspired by Shetland hap shawls, so the 37.5% Shetland wool in the Crime Scene collection makes it a perfect pairing! The second photo in this listing is indie.knits' photo of me wearing my completed Trespassers William shawl in Tire Tracks and Bloodstain.


This listing includes three skeins; two for the main section and lace border, one for the stripes and staggered rib section. These skeins are hand-dyed Crime Scene yarn.


Crime Scene DK

37.5% 18.5 micron Merino wool

37.5% Shetland wool

25% Mulberry Silk


Note: Purchase the Trespassers William shawl by indie.knits here on Ravelry. This listing is for the yarn only.


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