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Where to Find Homestead Hobbyist Fiber and Yarn

Posted by Kenneth Moore on

For the next few months, please contact Stilly River Yarns and Mad Cow Yarn to purchase Homestead Hobbyist fiber and yarn. Here's a list of who has what:


Stilly River Yarns


Mad Cow Yarn

  • Fiber:
    • Random hand-dyed blends
  • Yarn:
    • Datura (so many rainbows, but no listed dye lots)
    • Hemlock (just a few colors)
    • MSM (Mill Screwed Me, didn't send what I ordered)--it's heavy DK/very light worsted, and limited quantities
  • Kits:
    • Silk scarf felting kits


For the next few months, I will continue donating 20% of sales from these shops to Young Women Empowered and the Loveland Foundation. (That is, at my 60/40 wholesale rate, the shops get 40% of sales, I get 40% of sales, and the two organizations split the remaining 20% of sales; read more here.)

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