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Let's All Spin For Socks!

Posted by John Dorrenbacher on

The Homestead Hobbyist is hosting #hhsockalong on Instagram this summer, so we all get pairs of handspun socks by this fall, when our feet will want to be warm and toasty! If bespoke socks aren’t incentive enough to participate (and seriously, how could they NOT be?), we will have prizes for both the spinning portion and the sockifying portion of #hhsockalong!

Spinning is July through August, and sockifying will be in September. Head over to Instagram and post a photo of your sockable fiber you plan on spinning, and use the hashtag #hhsockalong. You don’t have to spin Homestead Hobbyist fiber to participate or be eligible for most prizes, but you’ll be eligible for the special prize category if you you do. If you’re on Ravelry, joining Team Homestead Hobbyist for Tour de Fleece, 7-29 July, is a perfect way to double down on your prize eligibility!

Need some thoughts about what fiber would be good for socks? Here, let me help you with that.

@johnsdo's handspun yarn and 2-at-a-time toe-up socks. Wounded Ranger colorway on Rambouillet/Yak/Mulberry Silk 50/25/25, spun worsted, true 3-ply, light fingering.
If you’re not sure how to spin for socks, don’t worry, we--and lots of other spinners--will be there along the way to help give you tips and pointers!

If you don’t spin, we want you to participate too! Sockifying begins in September; you can use handspun or commercial yarn for that portion of the fun. Want some ideas for yarn? I pulled together some options for you.

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