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Breed Exploration: Corriedale

Posted by John Dorrenbacher on

Are you taking home some of our wonderful pre-order wool this season? Welcome to a world of luscious wool and exciting blends! If you have never experienced Corriedale, our Pure Wool and featured breed in the Exploration blend for this pre-order, read on to learn more.

Corriedale sheep. Photo by Jaime Vásquez Sapunar

This fluffy critter comes to us from New Zealand. Farmers started breeding for a sheep that could withstand the transition zones between the grasslands and the rich pastures. One man, James Little, owner of a ranch named Corriedale, started breeding Lincoln and Leicester sheep with his Merino ewes, with an eye for fineness in the fleece. By 1914, the U.S. Department of Agriculture had started importing these sheep to North America.

These sheep give us fiber that is great for literally everything. The crimp on the fiber lends to a spun yarn with loft, elasticity, and gobs of warmth. You will want to make sweaters, blankets, hats, and other cozy goodies out of this stuff. If you are not yet a spinner, then get yourself a braid and get to felting! You can easily get 2 scarves out of one of our 4-ounce packages, and felting a scarf is a perfect way to show off our amazing colors.

Corriedale comes in white and natural browns, so we may have special braids dyed on top of natural-color Corriedale, which offers richness and depth of color you need in your life. The Exploration blend, Corriedale/Milk/BFL, will have streaks of shiny, bright fiber and lines of moody overdyed brown Corriedale and BFL in the blend; it will spin into a delicious, heathered yarn!

We cannot wait to see what you all make with your Homestead Hobbyist hand-painted and custom-blended fiber. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show off!

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