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Luxurious fiber for your crafting pleasure

COVID-19 Update:

So many of our favorite fiber artists, small business owners, and friends are in dire situations right now. So many are being wonderful and helping in whatever way they can. That said, don't buy stuff from me. For the moment, I am fortunate enough to continue working my day job, which pays my bills.

There are, however, many fiber artists and other small business owners who rely on events and online sales for their livelihood. Mary of Elemental Fiberworks has put together a list of fiber artists, instructors, and others who you may wish to check out and support. Your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed likely have a lot of businesses you care about that need your support, too. If you don't have the finances to support these people through purchases, please like their posts, share their announcements, let a friend know; there are so many ways you can support wonderful makers even if you are not able to buy things!